Personal Astrology Readings

It is a privilege and an honor to do a chart reading for you. I do my best to be accurate and encouraging and thoroughly research your charts before you arrive. 


All information is confidential and is never, ever, shared.


         Natal Chart Consultation


Character is Destiny. Your destiny, or fate, is not predetermined. YOU create your destiny. Get to know yourself better.


Your natal chart can become your best friend. Astrology is a language, a language which uses symbols and glyphs to represent the energies available to man, and puts those energies into houses that represent the world (areas of life we are all familiar with). The planets in the various houses and signs all have a particular meaning, and all make inter-aspects with each other, and these are the refining points in a horoscope that make each of us unique.  Exploring your own horoscope is like looking into an all-seeing mirror: it is the blueprint of the soul, offering life's true purpose and revelations into the past and the future. 


Natal chart readings can help you understand your talents and goals, articulate your challenges, and thereby help you to maximize your potential. I do in-person readings and readings via telephone. 


90 minute reading: $150  

60 minute reading: $100 

       Progressed Chart Consultation


A progressed chart is a powerful predictive tool. It shows the evolution of the personality, or YOU on an inner level: how you feel, where you are investing your emotion and where the focus in your life is right now. In comparing the aspects made between the progressed and natal chart, a view of the future is cast: if the aspects are all good, a good year is in store; if the aspects are both good and challenging, a more dynamic year lay ahead. The progressed sun and moon are of greatest importance, and show the areas in life where you will shine and strive to be seen and recognized. The progressed chart is the best tool for timing the launch of an event or enterprise.


90 minute reading: $150

60 minute reading: $100



         Fertility Consultation


Have you ever wondered if you would have children?Astrology can offer clues about the possibility of having a child, whether conceived naturally or adopted. The fifth house and its tenants and ruling planet point to your deepest drives to create, both of the mind and of the body. Astrology can reveal the likelihood of conceiving but is no guarantee. Moon/sun cycles can point to fertile times in a woman's chart, and certain transits and progressed natal planets passing through or aspecting the fifth house cusp can indicate good times to try to conceive. Good times to adopt a child are given.



90 minute reading: $150

60 minute reading: $100



          Transits Consultation


A famous astrologer once said he could account for about 90% of the events occurring in his life as a direct result of transits to his natal chart. Transits are just that, transitory. We all know how important the transits of the sun are, those good and bad months that repeat every year, during which we have poor or good health, when life is good and nothing can go wrong, or when the sun changes signs and squares our natal sun and makes life awkward and frustrating and stressful. The inner planets' transits are fleeting and create days or weeks or sometimes only hours in which our moods shift from pleasurable to irritable or focused to distracted. But Mars and the outer planets can hit us with major and powerful energies and cause events that correlate directly to the planets in the houses they are hitting. By 'event' I mean things that seem to happen to us, like losing a job or experiencing car troubles or having your bike spring a puncture, as opposed to those events we create using our own free will. 


The outer planets are the ones to watch in transits, and knowing where your Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus Neptune and Pluto are and the aspects they are forming is as important for planning a successful vacation or asking for a raise as it is to finding out why nobody at work is too excited about your ideas.


Plan Ahead: In order to change your fate you must first know your fate!


90 minute reading: $150

60 minute reading: $100






       Natal for Children and Newborns


A baby is born! Get to know your child before he or she can tell you who she is or what she needs. Looking at a baby's or a child's horoscope is the same as looking at an adults'. 

Discover traits and talents and prepare for your child's eventual growth by encouraging her in areas where she may be a bit shy or unsure of herself, and tempering her in areas where she could use a bit of structure early on. Teaching a child something as simple as brushing their teeth can instill in them a lifelong discipline of caring for and nurturing the self. We all have areas in our charts where we tend to be a bit lazy--or lucky, and therefore rest on our laurels--and understanding our children and their behavior and tendencies can help us guide and raise them. Knowing what to encourage and understanding the energies behind their behavior can be a Godsend. It can help us react to them more appropriately. And in ways that nurture your child.


90 minute reading: $150

60 minute reading: $100


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