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Your Horoscope/Essence Report


What do the stars say about you?

Discover yourself at the deepest level with a personalized birth chart and natal report.


A colorful birth chart is included with full interpretations of your signs, your planets in the houses, and all aspects between them, which make you unique. These make wonderful gifts for friends and family.


Sample Natal Horoscope and




The Solar Return chart and interpretation is the most accurate technique available today for determining the quality and importance of the upcoming year. It reveals which areas of life will be in greatest focus for you, and also what kind of helpful or not-so-helpful planetary energies are available to you in those areas. The report illuminates the probable results of your interests and desires this year in each of the various areas of life (houses). This can help aid you in decision making. It can also help you understand if the time is right to launch your new venture or push your goals in that area. 


Sample Solar Return




What is in store for you for the next few months? How will the planets' movement affect you personally?


Transiting planets make aspects to the precise location of planets in a chart (your natal horoscope) and create events, periods of ease, or mood and attitude changes when they touch certain points. As the planets move, they also aspect each other, and this creates meaningful shifts in energies on a day to day basis. 


Find out what to look forward to or what to be aware of with this fully interpreted report! Choose a six, or twelve month interpretation. These reports include Chiron fully delineated.


Sample Transit Report

Are you and your partner a good match? Will he or she be a good romantic partner? 


This is a chart comparison report, and compares the inter-aspects of two individuals. It reveals the specific and overall tenure of the relationship, and is the best chart comparison report on the market. Complete interpretations and a colorful bi-wheel chart are included.


Sample Romantic Compatibility Report

Relationship Report


Do you and your lover/partner have long term potential?


Discover the strengths and challenges that are created when two people come together in a committed long term relationship. Rejoice in the good areas and identify and work on the trouble spots.


This powerful report uses the Composite chart technique to examine the couple as a fusion of energies, using midpoints. Includes a colorful composite chart and complete interpretations.


Sample Relationship Report


Find your best match for harmony in carreer, friendship, partnership or family. This chart comparison also uses synastry, the interpreted inter-aspects between two people. Includes a colorful bi-wheel chart. 


Sample Harmony Report

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