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Andrée Frazier is a Vermont Astrologer specializing in natal astrology, with a particular interest in the evolution of a chart--the unfolding of a person's life based on future predictions. 


It all began in 1968, London. I was renting a flat and going to art school during a semester abroad. On a lark I picked up one of those spin-the-wheel astrology forecast kits at a newsstand. All you had to do was identify your rising sign by knowing roughly what time of day you were born, adjust the wheel to your birth sign and age, and presto, your future lay before you, mapped out in declarative sentences describing events and dates. The first event it predicted was that my mother would marry in 1970, which, considering her solitary nature and divorce from my father when I was two, seemed highly implausible. The second prediction was to occur in my brother's life shortly after: a serious accident, which begged the question whether he would live or die. I loved my only brother and dismissed the thought....as best I could. The wheel also spelled out my own future as an artist and "mystic." Now, many years later, I still wonder at how accurate that little kit was.


In 1970 my mother married a Russian, and the following spring my brother got into a serious motorcycle accident. He lived, thank God, but his face was never the same again. Forewarned is forearmed. Had I told my brother of the prediction, or mentioned the prophesy of my mother's impending marriage to her, I wonder if things would have happened as they did. Surely my mother would have fallen in love whether or not some kit predicted it, but my brother may have heeded the warning to be careful had I mentioned the prediction to him beforehand. And so, in astrology, as in life, timing is everything.


I studied astrology in every free minute I had as a youth. I loved to read about my sun sign, as I had little confidence and leos were richly praised by most sun-sign astrologers. I took their words to heart and tried to "fake it until I got there," meaning I tried to emulate the virtue that had been attributed to leos until after a time the virtue (or quality; the characteristic I did not quite recognize in myself, but admired in others) became a part of me. This practice of believing the best in yourself is a philosophy to live by. Astrology gives us the tools to find positive meaning in everything we do and have already done--in thought and in deed.


When I was twenty-eight I wanted children desperately. I had lost two, and was trying to come to grips with whether or not I would ever have children. I went to an astrologer, and it was here my life changed. He so accurately depicted the members of my family I nearly fell off my chair. He told me my father was some sort of dreamer, that he was elusive and had a propensity to drink in an effort to escape reality. He said he was "absent," that in my childhood my mother ruled tyrannically, that I had one brother--an artist, he said, who was probably in the military. The indications for children in my natal chart were not great. But he stressed that there were no fatalistic decrees; astrology was not a doctrine of fatality; the will was stronger than all else, and if I wanted children badly enough I could have them. He predicted I would have a good and long life.


I did have children, and shortly after began to devote my life's work to astrology. Astrology works. What is astrology? as·trol·o·gy, the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. 


Astrology offers each of us windows into our souls. It can articulate energies we don't understand and therefor berate ourselves for. Some energies are unfathomable to us, energies that leave us confused and disoriented. Once brought into the light, and given meaning, their influence dissipates with awareness and comfort can be found in knowing when the influence will subside. So too can the good energies and timeframes be identified and planned with confidence and joy. 


Astrology offers us a leg up: it offers the gift of good timing for ultimate success, and warns of timeframes when we should not launch our boat.


Timing in life is everything. Astrology is the clock. Learn to read the time.




When I'm not studying astrology or seeing clients or working at the greenhouse, you can find me walking my dog, Gigi, at Windridge at Teela-Wooket, a beautiful tennis, riding and soccer camp up the road.
Or writing murder stories. Check out this one, called The Chart--a story that links certain astrological testimony from a birthchart to becoming a murderer!

 Timing is Everything

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