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an astrological portal for people interested in discovering more about themselves, their drives, their relationships and their futures. Here is where you can get to know yourself and others better with a natal, marital, romantic or business partner consultation. Or look to the future with a predictions consultation or report. Our mission is to help you live your life to its fullest potential, and to plan a future based on realistic and attainable goals.


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Vermont Astrologer Andrée Frazier is a practicing astrologer with over 20 years experience reading charts and advising clients from all walks of life. "I believe astrology opens doors into life's purpose, it's meaning, and can shine light on possiblilties we don't know are there for us. It can comfort us in times of stress, reveal the best times for us to act, and can pair us with the right carreer, the right partner, and the right lifestyle for ultimate health and happiness in life."

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Andrée Frazier is available for personal chart readings face-to-face and via telephone. She is adept at horoscope interpretations and transit and solar return methods of predicting the future. She specializes in synastry and comparison analysis, a branch of astrology which deals with how well partners from all spheres of life will relate and get along. Order a consultation with Andree on the shop page. Or call 802 485 8649 for a consultation appointment today.



Personalized reports sent to your email! We offer relationship reports, compatibility reports, solar return reports, natal reports, transits reports, progressions reports plus all accompanying charts displaying aspects and positions of the planets. Reports include explanations of what's going on at the time and why, and give suggestions for ameliorating the stress, if any. Aspects are prioritized by importance. Beginning and ending dates are given for the duration of the influence, if it is a future forecast report.





Ever wonder if you would be the same person if you moved? Would life be better, easier, or would you take your problems with you? The answer lies in the location: A move to a different location shifts your natal planets into different houses, which would change how you feel and your outlook on life. The areas of life you wish to succeed in can be found in different locations. Let us help you find the perfect location for love, carreer, health and ultimate happiness!


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